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Lunch Time Latin Party!  


Drop in between 12pm-2pm Tuesday through Friday and do something different for lunch!


Come anytime during the party class, stay as long as you like, and get your blood circulating!  Also, you can eat our hot, grilled paninis, handmade Argentine empanadas, or your favorite Italian salad.  


Make the most of your lunch hour by dancing and socializing at the biggest dance studio in NYC.

Never taken a lesson?  No worries!  Our teachers are here to help!  Learn also Tango, Swing & Hustle!  Loads and loads of FUN in the middle of your workday in the middle of NYC!  


We have a drop-in salsa lesson to get you on your feet and dancing like a pro!


Tuesdays - Fridays 12pm-2pm

Drop-in rate is $25 per day  $79 per month unlimited


Join us for lunch and enjoy our NEW Paul's Dancing Cafe Menu!


Sign Up Online!

Dance attracts people from all different backgrounds and industries. interacting with your fellow students of dance can open up career and job opportunities. No matter how shy you might be in real life, you can be free and open in the dance world. Many people transform when they walk onto the dance floor; it's a safe place to explore being that more outgoing and confident person you've always dreamed of being.

People often feel they have permission to be more outgoing and expressive in the dance setting. I mean, let's face it, we do steps with funny names like "boto fogo," "tipple chasse," twinkles," "wings," "the chase," and we all love it because it's fun!

So why not put yourself out there? Introduce yourself to someone that you haven't seen or met before. Maybe you'll meet your new life-partner? Or your new boss? Or a new employee? Or a great new business partner? These things and more have all happened as results of introductions on the dance floor.

So what are you waiting for? Say hi to someone new at the next Practice Party. You never know what amazing opportunities may arise from that simple hello.


Every Sunday of each month

The best Bachata/Salsa in NYC!

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DanceSport featured on Film, TV, and stage

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The Gift that will last a lifetime!



Now EVERY 2nd and last Saturday of the month! Great performances, incredible fun! Read more...