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Metin Yazir

World Renowned Tango Master & DanceSport Resident Coach
Metin Yazir is the founder of the famous Baila Tango school, which has become synonymous with great dancing and why so many have gravitated to it’s simple yet sophisticated methodology. Gustavo Naveira had a big influence in the way Metin developed his teaching style. Metin Yazir’s career has taken him to 26 countries as a Master Teacher and Performer. His unique, fun and straightforward approach to teaching tango made him one of the most sought after instructors in the world. His careful analysis of the movement and interaction between partners, combined with his motivating presentation has earned him the admiration of tango dancers worldwide. Metin considers tango to be a dialogue between two independent and active participants, that connects them at a higher level. Lead and follow concepts transcend to invitations and acceptances. This heightened respect for women is the foundation of this vision. The vision is inclusive: everyone can dance tango regardless of age, background, or body type. While the stage dancers bring their art to audiences, tango still belongs to the people from which it came. 


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