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At DanceSport We Raise the Bar

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Paul Pellicoro's DanceSport Studio has so much to offer. This is not any old dance studio. DanceSport offers a high quality cafe and bar where you can purchase gourmet meals, snacks, and amazing drip coffee from Intelligentsia. Rarely do you find such a high quality cafe integrated within a ballroom.

Special events at DanceSport are top notch. Multiple times per year we offer events that are exciting and fun. These range from our Holiday Gala with a live Salsa Band, to our specialty showcases and parties like Prom Night, Around the World, Kepekemapa Luau, and the Year End Showcase. These events are produced with quality as they are custom-decorated, well-organized, and would normally cost five to ten times as much in the non-dance world. We hope that our members take advantage of these events as these would rarely be available to the general public in other settings, especially at the level of quality that we strive to provide.

Events feature amazing decorations, special dance games, give-aways such as free corsages and boutonniere at Prom Night, silk leisat Kepekamapa, and food and drinks from around the world at the Around the World Showcase. Each is a unique experience and not other studio has anything that compares.

Please see our Special Events and Workshops Image Gallery for pictures of some of these amazing parties and events where you can see the high-quality decor for our Halloween, Valentines and Holiday galas. Each of these are quite costly to produce and we plan to make them even better this year, building on the parties we've done previously. You will get more than your money's worth at DanceSport. You will get an experience that is memorable for years to come.

We give you the red carpet experience at our events so you will party like a star. How many studios can you go to that have a professional photographer taking photos of their guests throughout the evening?

Come and enjoy and we will continue to raise the bar to give you the best party experience possible!

Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

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Now that it's mid-February, have your New Year's fitness goals fizzled out? If so, why not take up dancing?

Paul Pellicoro's DanceSport offers a daily Lunch Time Salsa Party that some regulars refer to as their weight loss program. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, we need three to five weekly sessions of cardiovascular exercise for thirty to sixty minutes each to be considered moderately active. The Lunch Time Salsa Party meets Tuesday through Friday from 12-2pm which more than meets that goal! (Though, if you can't take a full two-hour lunch break, you can come and leave at your convenience.)

Besides health benefits, participants get a midday dose of Latin rhythms in a friendly social environment, all without breaking the bank. At $60 for unlimited lunch time classes per month, if you take advantage of each session, you get 32 hours of dancing, or just $3.75 per two-hour class and party. Drop in classes are also available.

Call DanceSport for more information: 212-307-1111

Need Date Ideas? Come to DanceSport!

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If you've been with your sweetheart for a long time and are realizing your social life is not what it used to be, why not make Friday night "date night" at DanceSport?

Dancing can give couples the chance to learn something new together - an opportunity rarely found in other settings. It can also foster a stronger relationship as ballroom dance emphasizes and equal give and take with the leader and follower partnership.

Additionally, dancing helps to develop a sense of one's own body - a phenomenon that can be awakening and refreshing, especially when experienced with the one you love. A good dose of body confidence never hurt anyone!

So make it a date, and we'll see you at DanceSport!

Gourmet Coffee in the Heart of Midtown

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Though hidden from the bustling streets below, Paul Pellicoro's Dancing Cafe located in DanceSport studio offers one of the hottest new trends: gourmet drip coffee, brewed by the cup.

Choose from several blends of Intelligentsia coffee that have been taste-tested by our staff and members to assure the highest quality and flavor.

During our selection process, one of our dancer-tasters exclaimed, "I didn't even need to add milk or sugar. This coffee is amazing!" The cafe personnel have been trained in methods to prepare the perfect cup. Come in and try one, brewed before your very eyes! We also have fresh cupcakes, pastries, and an array of meal and snack offerings.

Bon appetit!