You’ve seen Argentine Tango before – it is sensual, complex, smooth, serious, and dramatic. But have you ever tried it?

DanceSport’s Friday evening tango class would be a great way to experience Argentine Tango, even if you are brand new. The class is from 8:30-9:30pm and you will feel very comfortable and have fun in our welcoming environment, even if you just come to watch the class from the café while having a drink. The class will segue into a tango dance party after 9:30pm, when the lights go down and people stay to hang out and dance until midnight.

If you are shy to try it your first time, you are welcome to come as a voyeur for as long as you like. Many people do. That’s what DanceSport is happy to provide – not only quality dance instruction, but also a creative and social recreational escape for adults.

Good wholesome fun can be tough to come by in NYC (drinking while dancing is optional). Argentine tango is very “age appropriate” for baby boomers. It is a nice alternative and addition to just eating out.

The café is set outside the ballroom so conversation is not drowned out by the Tango music. There is a glass wall separating the café from the ballroom, so just hanging out and talking, drinking and eating is acceptable and encouraged. The dancing atmosphere is a nice montage in the background and a change of pace from the typical dining room or club.

Aside from our Tango class and Tango practice party, we also have what is called “Tango Lounge” with an outside promoter. That night goes until 2:30am. It has a very similar atmosphere, but it goes later into the night and there are more serious tango addicts in attendance.

We hope this will put newbie tangeros at ease to come and join in the fun. We hope to see you soon at DanceSport!