Aleksandra Gisher

Resident Coach

Top International Competitor Aleksandra Gisher returns to DanceSport after going out into the Professional Competition circuit in 1997 with her partner Peter Siddal with whom she placed second in Blackpool’s Rising Star Professional Latin division that same year. Other top honors include 1st UK Open 1997 Rising Star Professional Latin, 2nd Ohio Star Ball 2002 Professional Latin, 2nd British Open 1997 Rising Star Professional Latin, 3rd US Open 2003 US National Professional Latin, Top 8 Blackpool Dance Festival 2003 Professional Latin, Top 9 Blackpool Dance Festival 2004 Professional Latin, among others. During her competition years she studied with some of the best coaches in the world, such as Corky and Shirley Ballas, Aspen Salzburg, Ruud Vermey, Colin James, Mick and Launa Stylianos, Alan & Hazel Fletcher, Peter Tausend, Michael Chapman and many others. She retired from competitions in 2004 after a successful partnership with Paul Green, and she is delighted to once again call DanceSport her home.