Milo Saidl

Dance Instructor

Milo Saidl is a professional dancer and International Instructor & Coach from Prague, Czech Republic. Milo has been performing and teaching throughout Europe and the US for more than a decade. He belongs to one of the first Lindy Hoppers Dance Troupes in the Czech Republic and was instrumental in creating what has become the center of the Lindy scene in Prague. Milo also performed in several musical productions in the Czech Republic. While he has been trained in all styles of Ballroom and Latin dance (ISTD certification), he cannot deny that his passions are Lindy hop, and all the partner dance styles associated with the 30’s and 40’s, as well as authentic jazz and tap. Milo loves to perform with his students and he created a whole range of solo and group routines not only for his students but also for the DanceSport staff.