Welcome to DanceSport

 Paul Pellicoro’s DanceSport grew from humble beginnings to become the largest Ballroom and Latin dance studio in New York. Founded in 1985, Paul Pellicoro brought competitive and social dancing to the heart of New York and to many individuals from around the world.

DanceSport is currently located in midtown Manhattan and is one of the longest running partner dance studios on the east coast featuring a wide range of classical dance styles. Paul along with a handful of dedicated professionals brought the New York partner dance scene back to life.

During the resurgence of Ballroom and Latin dance, Paul and the studio started being featured on news stations, talk shows, and all forms of local media. They came into national acclaim for their role in the choreography of the famous Tango scene with Al Pacino in SCENT OF A WOMAN, and DanceSport continues to be sought out by stars when they’re preparing for their dance parts in film, television and stage.

DanceSport’s keys to success from the beginning have included offering a wide variety of dance styles and being pioneers in creating opportunities for people to utilize their skills on the dance floor through practice and city-wide events. As they began to attract other top teachers and performers, their mission was truly realized – to have the most comprehensive programs available in all areas of social and competitive dancing.

Thanks to the expertise available at the studio, DanceSport has been able to successfully expand the scope of its services to both the student population and the community of social and competitive dancers. Today, the extensive repertoire at DanceSport also includes show performances, corporate events, dance vacations, wedding services, programs and children’s dance programs.

Paul and his partner Victoria have worked tirelessly as well at making authentic style Argentine Tango accessible to all who are interested in immersing themselves in this deeply rewarding dance style. Whether its getting moving with some Swing, Salsa, Rumba, Samba or classic Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz or Quickstep, we welcome you to join us on this journey, both as an exploration for yourself and an adventure to be found with a partner. You’re never to young or old to just get out here on the dance floor with us and get dancing!