OurHistory & BackgroundEST. 1985

 Paul Pellicoro’s DanceSport has grown from humble beginnings to become the largest Ballroom and Latin dance studio in New York. Founded in 1985, Paul Pellicoro has brought competitive and social dancing to the heart of New York and to many individuals around the world.

DanceSport is located in midtown Manhattan and can proudly call itself the largest dance studio on the east coast. Along with a handful of teachers, these dedicated professionals brought the New York partner dance scene back to life.

During the resurgence of Ballroom and Latin dance, Paul and the studio started being featured on news stations, talk shows, and all forms of local media. They came into national acclaim for their role in the choreography of the famous Tango scene with Al Pacino in SCENT OF A WOMAN, and DanceSport continues to be sought out by stars when they’re preparing for their dance parts in film, television and stage.

DanceSport’s keys to success from the beginning have included offering a wide variety of dance styles and being pioneers in creating opportunities for people to utilize their skills on the dance floor through practice and city-wide events. As they began to attract other top teachers and performers, their mission was truly realized – to have the most comprehensive programs available in all areas of social and competitive dancing.

Thanks to the expertise available at the studio, DanceSport has been able to successfully expand the scope of its services to both the student population and the community of social and competitive dancers. Today, the extensive repertoire at DanceSport also includes show performances, corporate events, dance vacations, wedding services, programs and children’s dance programs.


Administrative Staff

Paul Pellicoro
President / Artistic Director


Kriscia Matinez
Director of Operations


Jeff Goldstein
Director of Finance and Human Resources


Linda Gammon
Program Advisor


Brian Lamb



Adam Katona


Brandon Walker


Jamie Cunneen


Jana Petrova Sapir


Linda Gammon


Milo Saidl


Nicol Medina


Nina Back


Raul Avila


Robert Arvidsson


Ron Rosario


Tybaldt Ulrich


Victoria Codru


Zachary Bordonaro


Aleksandra Gisher


Michelle Officer


Russ Wilder


Katusha Wilder



Good Morning America

“GMA” anchor Diane Sawyer took her gang to participate in one of her favorite activities — dancing. Find out what happend when Diane, Robin, Chris and Sam go salsa dancing for the first time at the largest ballroom and latin dance studio!

Ultimate Road Trip

The YES Network show “Ultimate Road Trip 3” is about six die-hard Yankees fans all living under one roof that are forced to compete in countless physical and mental challenges for game tickets throuout the entire season. These six lucky road trippers (what they call the six Yankee fan cast members) get a shot at seeing a slew of Yankees games across the country, and the road tripper who wins the most Yankees game tickets during the regular season will win the “Ultimate Road Trip 3” grand prize.

This week the “Ultimate Road Trip 3” cast and crew met at DanceSport for the ultimate challenge—the “Dancing with the DanceSport Stars” episode! Road trippers each had only 2 hours with a DanceSport Instructor to learn a 45 second routine! None of these guys and girls had ANY formal dance training; but as we all know nothing is too much of a challenge for our DanceSport Stars!!

CW11 Morning News

Julie Chang & Dr. Steven Salvatore from CW11 Morning News caught the pair-dance fever at DanceSport!

You’ve seen Jerry Springer light up the dance floor in “Dancing with the Stars”, so why not our own Truly Julie and Dr. Steve?! They caught the pair-dance fever and headed to Paul Pellicoro’s DanceSport Studios to truly (or at least try to) hit a stride.


Good advice from Dr. Oz:

“Release jitters by SWING DANCING with Adam Katona, Milo Saidl, Laura Assante, Natalie Cruz, Alexandra L., Robert Arvidsson, and the rest of the stars of Paul Pellicoro’s DanceSport!”

Celebrity Students

Film, TV & Stage Appearances


Paige Allen

Don’t know if I ever told you this… I had an unlimited pass about a year and a half ago. The only class I ever took was the first week of your Level I Tango. I never took another class because I got too busy with work. But I remembered two things from that one class I took with you. The first was how much you made me laugh. The second was when you said we could take dance classes for our entire lives, but unless we stayed for the parties and actually danced, we’d never really learn. So, when I came back this June, I stayed for every party I could. The combination of that and you taking an interest in how I was doing has made all the difference between my being someone who feels like a dancer and someone who heads for the elevator as soon as class is over. I just wanted you to know that, and how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, Paul

Cassandra B.

I’ve never taken classes here but I’ve been going to their biweekly salsa social on Saturdays for about 8 months. It’s a good social with a mix of dancers (but mostly pretty advanced on-2 dancers) and I love that it’s early enough that I can still go out afterward or get home and to bed at a reasonable hour. 🙂


The BEST place in NYC!. Yes, I must say that as a dancer who started at the age of eighteen and having travelled the entire United States, I have found nothing quite like it until now. The studio Paul Pellicoro has created is nothing short of genius. This studio brings togther every different style of partner dancing ever created into one melting pot. With over 9 different ballrooms, and an amazing cafe lounge area I have become a dancsport enthusiast.


My fiance and I wanted to have a special choreographed dance for our first dance at our wedding. I love dancing and have taken lessons in Latin & Ballroom in the past. We both love music. My fiance had never taken lessons before so we went to DanceSport to see what they had to offer for wedding couples. The people at the front desk told us we could take an intro class or purchase a package. We decided on an intro class (my fiance was a little skeptical that he’d have 2 left feet). After our intro we felt full on lessons were the way to go. We spoke with April and she told us all about the Wedding Dance program. Our teacher, Maranda, was wonderful! She taught us every step of the way – literally! She went over the music we had picked out and Maranda worked with us based on our different skill levels and voila, the perfect wedding dance was born! Thank you April, Maranda and DanceSport! We’ll went back for more lessons after the wedding since we are now addicted!

J. Edwards

Kids program is nice. My son is learning how to be creative and getting better at speaking skills ­ I like that they make him show me what he works on. All the teachers are genuine and professional. Thank you DanceSport!


Great Milongas. If it weren’t for Dancsport, I would have never realized just how amazing the Argentine Tango is. I had always wanted to learn…I was initially there for the ballroom dancing, which I find the teaching staff to be really world class in every respect. The milongas, a.k.a. argentine dance parties, go thru the night and are a blast on satuday nights. I have found this dance studio to have a very unique atmosphere unlike any other I have ever experienced. Its located at the Empire State Building…


When I first moved to New York city all the way from sunny Arizona, I must say after coming to Dancesport and personally meeting the owner Paul Pellicoro, I had no reason to go anywhere else. Its a studio that makes you feel welcome and right at home. This is one of the most unforgetable places I have ever been and if you are a real dancer, your style is definitely done here and the dancing is endless. I certainly cannot forget to mention that the drinks are amazing too 🙂

Roger Leaman

I am a parent of two boys, ages 4 and 7. I am so happy to find a program that caters to both ages. Now i don’t have to waste so much time in the day schlepping them around to different locations and programs. Now I can pick them up and still make it home in time to make dinner, instead of ordering take-out!

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